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Hotel Romania - Carlsbad

Hotel Romania is situated in the center of shopping and spa zone directly at River Teplá, opposite the Thermal Hotel, a few steps from the Mill Colonnade. The comfortably furnished hotel offers 32 rooms with private bathroom, satellite TV, safe, telephone, fridge and Wi-Fi internet connection.

The hotel has a restaurant serving fine Czech and international cuisine. Guests can park in the garage of Hotel Thermal which is located about 200 meters away.

For all guests, 20% discount applies to Elizabeth's spa (Alžbětine lázně), which provide a wide range of medical, wellness and beauty treatments.

Výročí hotelu Romania 125 let

History of the Hotel Romania

Hotel Romania Karlovy Vary was built in 1893 in the former Gartenzeile (now Zahradní Street) near the River Teplá as Kurhaus Romania and was the "dépendance" of Hotel Post. This hotel was located on the opposite bank of the River Teplá in the Egerstrasse (Chebská Street) and in the 1960s retreated with the entire Chebská Street, originally constructed in 19th-century and created a place for construction of Hotel Thermal. Hotel Romania was firstly owned by Anton Schwabb, subsequently bought and operated by Karl Wacker and Marie Zeinar. The hotel name "Erzherzog Albrecht" was being used for several years.

Kurhaus Romania was a modern electrified building with an elevator, cold and hot water in its rooms and central heating. At the beginning of the 20th century, the hotel extension was made simultaneously with the construction of the adjacent Main Post Office.


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