Parking close to Hotel Romania

Parking in the city center of Karlovy Vary is sometimes difficult for visitors, and it is a bit similar at Hotel Romania. Fortunately, we have prepared several options for you so that you do not have to search for spots where to park your car after a long journey.

Parking in Hotel Thermal

Guests have the opportunity to park their car for a discount price in the covered garages of Hotel Thermal, which is approximately 200 meters away on foot from Hotel Romania. The parking lot has wheelchair access. You can buy a voucher at the reception of Hotel Romania for 500 CZK/day. Parking does not need to be reserved in advance.

The parking lot is open year-round 24/7. The exception is the period of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

The parking lot also includes a manual car wash, which you can use if you are interested.

The way to the garages of the Thermal Hotel

On the attached map you can see the route from Hotel Romania to the underground garages of Hotel Thermal. GPS coordinates: 50.229421, 12.876211

  • You will drive back along the river and at the crossroads turn right over the bridge.
  • You will drive along I.P. Pavlova Street and just before crossing the bridge at the Thermal Hotel you will see the entrance to the underground parking lot.
  • Turn right before the sign on the bridge “Parking Thermal”.


Parking on Varšavská Street

The parking lot on Varšavská Street is reserved for personal vehicles only. The parking lot is approximately 700 meters from the hotel and is equipped not only with an automatic barrier, but also with a payment terminal, camera system and other technical devices. The price is 300 CZK/day.

The operation of the barriers is programmed so that it is possible to enter the parking lot at any time of the day or night.

The way to the parking lot Varšavská

On the attached map you can see the route from Hotel Romania to the Varšavská parking lot. GPS coordinates: 50.230953, 12.868335

  • You drive back along the river and turn left at the crossroads.
  • As you drive along Varšavská Street and you see Tržnice bus station on the right.
  • You drive over the crossroad and turn right just after it, where the entrance to the parking lot is located.


Parking on Západní Street

The parking lot on Západní Street is reserved for all types of vehicles. The price is 240 CZK/day.

One of the more affordable parking lots near the city center. If you use this parking lot, you will have a pleasant walk back to the hotel.

The way to the parking lot Západní

On the attached map, you can see the route from Hotel Romania to the parking lot on Západní Street, which is approximately 1.5 km from the hotel. GPS coordinates: 50.229684, 12.859586

  • You drive back along the river to the roundabout, where you take the 4th exit.
  • You drive along Horova Street, the river on your right side after you reach the traffic lights.
  • You will drive straight through the traffic lights, where you join Západní Street.
  • After about 500 m turn right and on the left side you will see a parking lot.
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